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truelove_daily's Journal

a joey/pacey daily community
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welcome to true love daily, a Joey and Pacey daily spam community.
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1. Posts must be to do with Pacey and Joey and their relationship... obviously.
2. All posts must include an image (unless it's a video).
3. We like: picspams, videos, icons (made exclusively for the community), fic recs, vid recs and fanmixes. Anything else, just ask and we're sure it'll be OK.
4. Things you can post include: moments from episodes, behind the scenes stuff, promo shots and Katie & Josh stuff. Anything else, just ask and it'll probably be OK.
5. One post a day, please. If someone has already posted, wait until the next day.
6. Tag your posts appropriately, the least we would like is an episode tag so that it's easy for everyone to navigate what's already been posted.
7. Your subject line should be the next number after the previous post, plus a title if you want.
8. Keep all entries members-locked.
9. Do not post anything that has already been posted, unless you are doing it in a different way. For example, if the moment you want to post has already been picspammed, do a video instead.
10. Be nice to each other!

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